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Pet Odor Eliminator - ULTRA Concentrated - Platina PLUS

Pet Odor Eliminator - ULTRA Concentrated - Platina PLUS

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  • Provides up to 100 washes, equivalent to 3 months of continuous use.
  • Eliminates odors, aromatizes, degreases and removes stains on the floor.
  • For outdoors, indoors, fabrics, sofas, washing your pet's clothes and beds.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not convinced, we will refund your money!

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Platina Plus is an ULTRA concentrated odor eliminator for your pet's area that will eliminate bad odors, aromatize your home and remove stains from the floor for 100 washes . Ideal for outdoor, indoor, fabric and surface use.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - If you are not convinced, we will refund your money.
  • ELIMINATES BAD ODORS - Platina Plus eliminates bad odors from urine and feces completely.
  • STAINPROOF - Eliminates stains on the floor.
  • PLEASANT AROMA - Aroma that lasts 24 hours. for your family, pet and your neighbors.
  • PERFORMANCE - Platina Plus is an ULTRA concentrated, two capfuls dissolved in a bucket of water is enough.
  • DOG REPELLENT - Prevent your pet from doing its business where it shouldn't.
  • SAFE FOR YOUR PET - Platina Plus does NOT contain Chlorine, do not harm your pet with dangerous chemicals, with Platina Plus you take care of your pet's skin and its sense of smell.
  • DISINFECTS - Eliminates all germs and bacteria, preventing diseases.
  • DOG BED CLEANER - With Platina Plus you can give your dog's bed a deep clean.
  • VERSATILE - Ideal for outdoor, indoor, fabric and furniture use.
  • BIODEGRADABLE - Platina Plus can decompose in the sun, leaving a pleasant aroma and taking all the germs.

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Easy to use

Two caps...

Pour two capfuls into a bucket of water and sweep up the solution. To mop indoors, only one cap is necessary.

Frequent questions

Does it work for cats?

Yes, it works for any type of pet. Platina Plus eliminates all bad odors, regardless of their origin

Does it damage fabrics or furniture?

No, it is safe and recommended to use Platina Plus on fabrics, furniture and surfaces. You can eliminate bad odors without worrying.

Is it safe for my pet?

Platina Plus is specially formulated to be safe and gentle for your dogs, even those with allergies. Unlike other cleaners that contain chlorine or other harsh ingredients, Platina Plus does not cause adverse reactions with urine or irritation in pets.

Does it work for indoors?

Yes, Platina Plus is multifunctional and highly versatile. For indoor use, it is advisable to mop as usual, but with a smaller amount of Platina. Additionally, we suggest using a spray bottle with diluted Platina Plus in situations where mopping is not necessary.